Rovyvon Aurora A3 Aluminum Keychain LED Flashlight


The RovyVon Aurora A3 utilizes a CREE XP-G3 LED boosting max 550 lumens at High mode (Nichia version is 350 lumens). It has a length of 2'' (54.8mm) and weighs 0.496 oz (14.06g), is ideal for a keychain flashlight. Besides its mini size, it also has a built-in Micro USB charging port which makes it as easy as charging your smartphone, the 130mAh lithium polymer battery will be fully charged in 45 minutes. 


  • CNC precision-machined aluminum alloy
  • CREE XP-G3 LED, Max output 550 lumens 
  • Built-in Micro USB charging port
  • 130mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Charging indicator & quick charged in 45 minutes
  • Side switch prevents accidental activation
  • Ergonomic design, one-hand operation
  • Tail paracord hole
  • A lanyard and two-way clip included 
  • IP65 water resistance

Check the User Manual for more details. 

Runtime Graphic (High mode, provided by Bela)

RovyVon Aurora A3 Runtime Graphic

User Interface


Turn on: Long press the switch for 0.3 second

Switch modes: Click to cycle through Low-High-Med-Strobe

Turn off:

  1. At any mode, long press the switch for 0.5 second
  2. Stays at any mode over 1 minute, click the button to turn off

Nichia LED:

  • Ultra low (1 lumen): 3 quick clicks from off, then click to turn off
  • Momentary ON: Press and hold the switch, release to turn off
  • Constant ON: Double click
  • Switch modes: Click to cycle through Low-Med-High-Strobe
  • Turn off
  1.  Long press the switch for 0.5 second 
  2. Stays at any mode over 1 minute, click to turn off

What's in the box

  • 1*A3 flashlight
  • 1*User manual
  • 1*Beaded chain
  • 1*Clip
  • 1*USB cable 
  • 1*Lanyard
  • 1*Spare USB port cover

*The max output 550 lumens at High mode will step down to 65 lumens in 2 minutes to protect the user and the core components of the light from the heat produced by the light working at High mode.


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