Aurora A5x GITD LED Keychain Flashlight (Upgraded)

Color: White/UV
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The Aurora GITD keychain led flashlight comes to the 2nd generation, here is the RovyVon Aurora A5x. CREE XP-G3 front LED with a max output of 650 lumens, and utilizes neutral white secondary sidelights. With the optimized driver and almost 3 times of battery capacity, the Aurora A5x can last up to 66 hours at ultra-low mode (3 lumens), and the PWM was improved. 

    1. Quick and easy mode switch operation
    2. CREE XP-G3 LED, max 650 lumens
    3. Optional secondary LEDs
      a. White (Neutral white)*2 + Red signal light*1(A5xR)
      b. White (Neutral white)*2 + UV light*1**(A5xU)
    4. 330mAh lithium polymer battery lasts up to 66 hours
    5. Micro USB charging with indicator, fully charged in 90 minutes
    6. Improved PWM
    7. Mode memory after working for 3 minutes or longer
    8. Neutral white (4500K) secondary lights
    9. Ergonomic design and one-handed operation friendly side switch
    10. Stainless steel two-way pocket clip
    11. Equivalent IP66 weather resistance
    * When the light works at high mode and Medium mode, it will step down to 130/90 lumens in 100 seconds due to the massive heat generated to protect the light itself and the user.
    ** The main purpose of the UV light on A5xU is for charging the luminous body.
  • Dimensions: Ø0.61'' (15.6mm) x L2.38'' (60.5mm)
    Weight: 0.52oz/14.8g

    Battery: 330mAh lithium polymer rechargeable
    Recharge: Micro USB
    Charging time: 90 minutes (500mA/5V)
    Charging indicator: Breathing blue is in charge, solid blue is fully charged
    Max runtime: 66 Hour
    Beam distance: 109 meters

    Accessory: 1*SS key ring, 1*SS pocket clip, 1*USB cable, 1*User manual, 1*Warranty card.

  • Front LED
    Momentary ON: Press and hold, release to turn off
    Constant ON: Double click (memorized mode)
    Switch mode: Click to cycle through Ultra low-Low-Med-High
    Memory: The light will come back the mode in next time after tuned off if it worked at the mode over 3 minutes

    Side LED
    Turn ON: Triple click
    Switch mode: Click to cycle through
    a. A5xR: White Low-White High-Red-Red flash (Signal)
    b. A5xU: White Low-White High-White flash
    Quad click to activate the UV light on A5xU.

    Turn off
    a. Long press for 0.3 second
    b. Working at any mode over 3 minutes, click to turn off

    Quick switch: At any status or mode, no matter ON or Off, Double click, Triple-click and Quad click can be switched to the related Turn-ON mode;
    a. Rapid Double-click: Memorized mode

    b. Rapid Triple-click: White sidelight
    c. Rapid Quad-click: UV
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