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  1. Aurora Series (A1, A2, A3, and A4), 1st generation of Auroras keychain
  2. Aurora A5 GITD Keychain Flashlight
  3. Aurora A6 Keychain Flashlight
  4. Aurora A7 GITD Blue Keychain Flashlight
  5. Aurora A8 Multifunctional Keychain Flashlight
  6. Aurora A23 Compact EDC Flashlight
  7. Aurora A24 Ti Compact EDC Flashlight
  8. Aurora A29 Brass Compact EDC Flashlight
  9. Aurora A23 Pro 7075 Aluminum EDC Flashlight
  10. Angel Eyes E300S
  11. Aurora Ax Keychain flashlights (A2x, A3x, and A9)