October 1st Sale

Here in China, we have a long weekend holiday for October 1st (National Day) from Oct. 1 to Oct. 7. So we will not be able to ship orders during this period time from September 30 until we were back to the office on Oct. 8. We are sorry for the delays of shipping, therefore we got some great deals to thank you guys for your patience waiting and constant support. 

1. Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Buy any product (exclude accessories) get 1 Free Titanium Skull Bead (S size, not include knitted paracord). 

Titanium Skull Bead

2. Discount

  • 10% off, code OCT1ST10%
  1. All bundle kit among Aurora line
  • 20% off, code: OCT1ST20%
  1. A2 (bundle kit excluded)
  2. A5 (bundle kit excluded)
  3. C10
  • 30% off, code: OCT1ST30%
  1. Accessories 
  • 50% off, code: OCT1ST50%
  1. P1 Ti Ring
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