A5x/A7x GITD 7075 version, max 650 lumens

Model: A5x
Color: Ice Blue
Side LEDs: White + UV
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The 7075 version of the GITD keychain flashlight series is more lightweight thanks to the 7075 aluminum light head protector and has a more focus beam thanks to the LOP reflector, compared to the TIR lens version.

It has 3 GITD colors - Ice blue (A7x 7075), Sky Blue (A5x 7075), and Purple (A5x 7075), it uses a 330mAh lithium polymer battery charged via the built-in Micro USB port that could be fully charged in 90 minutes. 

The front LED uses CREE XP-G3 that could boost up to 650 lumens on the high mode (with step down due to the heat), and the side LEDs comes in 2 combos - 5000K neutral white LEDs + 365nm UV (not able to check counterfeit banknotes as the GITD case blocked the wavelength) or 5000K neutral white LEDs + red signal light.

LOP reflector, illuminating farther with a better beam. 

Locating your keys in the dark / at night.
Clip on the hat brim as a hat light with the reversible pocket clip.
Hang it on the camping tent as a tent light
Neutral white 5000K sidelights
UV light check scorpion (camping) and animal blood trail (hunting), etc.

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