Aurora A28 (G2) USB-C Versatile EDC Flashlight

Front LED: High Output
Side LEDs: A28U (UV/Red/White)
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The 2nd generation Aurora A28 EDC flashlight is upgraded in the following aspects, 

  • USB-C rechargeable
  • Larger battery from 600mAh to 850mAh capacity
  • Dual switch for user-friendly
  • Lockout mode
  • Instant access to moonlight and turbo mode
  • 3 LEDs on the side
  • Detachable, two-way, and magnetic pocket clip

USB-C charging is standard and universal nowadays, it's convenient to charge your EDC Aurora A28 with any USB-C device like your laptop, quick charge power bank, and wall charger, etc. And the larger battery reduces the frequency to charge and surely increases the runtime. 

A dual-switch design gets the interface simpler, the top button is for the front light, and the bottom button is for the sidelight. And the detachable pocket clip comes with a magnet, and with the sidelight, the A28 is not only an EDC flashlight but also a work light for hands-free work.

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