Defense Series GL3 Pro Gun Light with Green Laser

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The first pistol light is finally here as fans asked for and waiting for years. Here is the GL3 Pro pistol light that is 600 lumens max, 110m beam distance max. and comes with a green laser pointer (≤5mW). It has 4 modes - High, Strobe, Laser, Laser & High, it's able to quickly switch between them, and yes, momentary High is available. It's operated by 3 switches - 2 switches on the tail for activating the light, and 1 switch on the laser part for a quick switch between the modes when it's turned on. It weighs 110g/3.88oz.

  • Max 600 lumens
  • Smooth reflector, max throw of 110m
  • Available modes - Light, Strobe, Laser, and Laser&Light combo
  • Quick-action dual switch at the tail and quick-switch on the Laser module.
  • Quick mount and release
  • Comes with a 650mAh 16340 li-ion battery
  • Compatible with CR123 battery
  • Recharged via the onboard USB-C port (Only for Li-ion battery)
  • IPX7 waterproof


1. Off, wherever the Quick-switch is >> Press and hold either dual switch>> Momentary-on, release to turn off
2. Off, Quick-switch locates in the left  >> Click either dual switch >> Green laser on >> Click >> Laser&Light on >> Click or press 0.3s >> turn off
3. Off, Quick-switch locates in the center >> Click either dual switch >> Strobe on >> Click or press 0.3s >> Turn off
4. Off, Quick-switch locates in the right >> Click either dual switch >> Light on >> Click or press 0.3s >> Turn off
5. Momentary-on >> Toss the Quick-switch to a different location >> the related mode Constant-on (For example, Assuming the quick-switch locates in the center when activating the Momentary-on from off, don't release the Dual switch and toss the Quick-switch to left, the green laser will be activated constantly)
6. Constant-on >> Toss the quick-switch >> Switch to the related mode fast and smoothly

Size: 74.3mm/2.93" (Length) * 50.3mm/1.98" (Height) * 26mm/1.02"(Light head diameter)
Weight: 110g/3.88oz
Accessory: USB-C cable, GL rail adapter, Picatinny rail adapter, Screwdriver, 650mAh 16340 battery (Pre-installed), O-ring for the light head, User manual, and warranty card.

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