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RovyVon Angel Eyes E3 Plus AAA Battery EDC Flashlight

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After a year and a half, the 1st generation Angel Eyes E3 was released. We are proud to release the E3 Plus with optimizations and improvements after receiving feedback from our customers.

The new upgrades include

  • Made of 7075 aluminum with a thicker anodization layer for better scratch resistance
  • Dual-button, more dedicated user interface
  • The dual battery system, a balance between high performance and extended use
  • Larger capacity built-in battery, increased by 10% to 330mAh
  • Optimized light head latch, smoother and easier to open and close
  • Optimized pocket clip slots
  • Redesigned back to hold the clip tighter

The first improvement is to the user interface. The Gen2 upgrade includes dual buttons for dedicated operations; the upper button for daily modes and lock/unlock, and the lower button for quick-access modes of momentary on and strobe.

In addition to improving the user interface and appearance, we also addressed the battery life of the built-in battery. A larger capacity battery has been inserted into the mini size, resulting in a 15% increase in maximum runtime (@moonlight mode of 0.5lm) up to 62 hours.

During the 1st generation of Angel Eyes E3, our customers complained about the difficulty of opening the latch to insert or replace AAA batteries. We have solved this problem on the E3 Plus. Please try it and give us feedback (the most important thing that makes RovyVon products better).

There are two options for the LEDs - 6500K cool white for high output needs and 5000K neutral white for high CRI needs.

How to use

Upper button
1. Lock/Unlock: when the light is off, rapid triple click to lock the light (Lipo indicator blinks blue for 3s), and another triple click to unlock it (AAA indicator blinks green for 2s).
2. Moonlight mode: when the light is off and unlocked, click to turn on the moonlight mode, click again to turn off.
3. Constant-on (Daily modes): rapid double click to turn on from the memorized mode, click to cycle through low-med-high, press and hold for 0.3s to turn off. (*turn off memorizes the last-used mode for next turn-on).

Lower button
1. Momentary on: when the light is off, press and hold for momentary High mode, release to turn off.
2. Strobe mode: rapid double click to turn on the emergency strobe mode, click again to turn off.