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RovyVon’s 2023 Christmas Sale

RovyVon’s 2023 Christmas Sale

It's that time of the year again! RovyVon's Christmas sale is just around the corner, and we are excited to announce some new products that will be available during the sale. We have also prepared some exciting discounts for our customers. Here's what you can expect from RovyVon's 2023 Christmas sale,

I. New Product Releases

  1. U4 Pro+: We value your feedback and use it as a source of inspiration to improve our products. We redesigned the U4 Pro and added a locking mechanism to the blade for added safety during use. The U4 Pro+ now features two safety dots to ensure the utmost safety for both the blade and screwdriver.
  2. U4 (G2): Building on the success of the U4 Pro+, we have also added a safety dot to the U4. The blade is now fixed while in use, providing added peace of mind. **Additionally, the main body of the U4 Pro+ and U4 (G2) have been upgraded with Unibody construction for increased strength and durability.
  3. Angel Eyes E3 Plus - Gunmetal and Desert Tan: Introducing two new color options for the Angel Eyes E3 Plus - Gunmetal and Desert Tan - perfect for both outdoor adventure and urban tactical situations.

II. Christmas Sale

  1. 42% off:
    a. GL3 pistol light
    b. GL3 Pro pistol light
  2. 32% off:
    a. S21, Search Flashlight, 3000 lumens
    b. S23, Search Flashlight, 4000 lumens
    c. S2 Series, Search Flashlight, 10000 lumens
    d. GL1, Tactical Flashlight, 3200 lumens
    e. GL7 (G2), Tactical Flashlight, 2000 lumens
  3. 20% off all other products including best-sellers such as the Aurora A8 and all new products released during the Christmas sale, except for the items listed above and limited items which are subject to a 10% discount during the sale period.

III. Time: December 6-9

Please note that, as usual, all discount codes will be inactive during the sale period.

This Christmas, let RovyVon's new products and irresistible discounts create unforgettable moments for you! We look forward to your visit during this holiday season!

Cheers and Merry Christmas. 

RovyVon Team