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Warranty Policy

Here at RovyVon, we believe in our products and are confident that you'll be happy with what you purchased. 

If your product(s) has any defect as a result of the materials, workmanship, or functionality, we want to make it right and hope our solution is a satisfaction to you. 

Within 2 years of purchase, we will replace or repair it as long as the product is not working anymore because of the factory defects. This does not include obvious user wear or extreme damage.

After 2 years of purchase, if your product(s) got a defective or issues, we'll offer a discount for purchasing new product(s) at a same or similar value.

Steps to get covered under warranty;

  • Prepare your order info (order # or receipt)
  • A brief explanation/description of the issue or problem with your product
  • Take photo(s) or video which can show the issue/problem
  • Send an email to

  • The above is a MUST to get warranty covered, once confirmed, we'll send you a replacement (part[s] or brand new product) and keep you informed.