Angel Eyes E4 Pro Titanium Versatile AAA Battery Keychain Flashlight

Front LEDs: 6500K x2
Side LEDs: 365nm UV + Red + Warm white
Tritium vials: Zero
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The Angel Eyes E4Pro was based on the E4 - titanium hybrid AAA keychain light and E8 - hybrid AAA light with versatile sidelights. The E4 Pro was made of titanium - a premium material that is skin-friendly and non-toxic. Like the E8, it has 3 LEDs on the side, maybe the first titanium keychain flashlight with sidelights. It has two options for the sidelights,
1- 365nm UV light + Red signal light + 4000K warm white reading light
2- 2x 4000K warm white reading light + 365nm UV light

The front LEDs also have two options,

1- 6500K cool white, max output 700 lumens
2- 4000K warm white, 95 CRI, max output 500 lumens

At the tail loop, there are 4 tritium slots that are the same as the Angel Eyes E4, you can install the tritium vials on your own, the fitted size is 6.0mm x 1.5mm, you can also order it with vials pre-installed, we are offering pre-install service with two options,

1- 4 Green vial
2- 4 blue vials

All these features make the E4 Pro a premium keychain flashlight in your EDC collection.


Dimensions: 66.1mm/2.6” (L)*27.5mm/1.08” (W)*13.5mm/0.53” (H)
Weight: 58g/2.05oz
Accessories: User manual, Warranty card, Pocket clip, Keyrings, USB A-C cable.


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