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User Interface Updates - 3rd Gen Auroras

It's been about 2 months after the first USB C Auroras - Aurora A2 released, and we released the rest models in July. We received a lot of feedback and/or complaints from our community about the momentary-on removal, and hope we can get it back. You were heard and we did the changes below,

1. Momentary-on, press and hold when the light is off, release to turn off, same as before. 

2. Lockout, it's moved to five-click, and the blinking brightness was set to the low mode. 

The changes will take effective on all 3rd generation Auroras from August 12, that's being said all orders of the USB C Auroras placed on our website, the product you received will have the updated UI. 

User Interface Updates - 3rd Gen Auroras

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Is it possible to update the UI from home via a PC, using the USB C port?


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