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RovyVon Aurora A4 Pro USB-C Titanium Keychain Flashlight

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The NEW Aurora A4Pro is made of TC4 titanium alloy, as known that titanium is anti-corrosion, non-toxic, high strength, etc., it's lightweight (24g), and durable. The A4 Pro uses a light smooth reflector that makes the light have a more focused beam. And the fitted tritium vial fob size is 1.5mm (diameter) x 6.0mm (length).

At the tail loop, besides the 2 tritium slots (size is 6.0mm x 1.5mm), there's also a new construction to install a magnetic tail base (RA30) so that it could attach to a metal surface in a working environment. The included pocket clip is two-way and magnetic

It uses a 330mAh battery and charges via the USB-C port, to prevent accidental activation that could drain the battery, a lockout mode was added. 

Accessories; User manual, Warranty card, Keyrings*, Magnetic Pocket clip, Magnetic tail base.
NOTE: attaching the keyring onto the tail loop and clipping the pocket clip might cause scratches, this is not under warranty.


1. Lockout/Unlock: When the light is off, rapid click the button 5 times; the primary light will blink 2 times (low mode brightness) when it's locked and blinks 3 times when it's unlocked.
*Plugin to charge will unlock the light automatically.
2. Momentary on: when it's unlocked and off, press and hold the button for quick access to the High mode, and release it to turn off.
3. Turn on the memorized mode constantly: rapid double-click, then click to change modes moonlight-low-med-high, press the button for 0.5s to turn off. 
4. Strobe: rapid triple click, then click to turn it on.

*A mode will be memorized when it's working for over 3 minutes before turning off.