Aurora A2 (G4) USB-C Keychain Flashlight

LED: SST-20 6500K
Swipe bundle: N/A


The facelift of the Aurora A2 has a minor change to the Aurora A2 (G3) - the operating button was changed to metal from silicone, which seems to be more unibody and more harmonized. And if you chose the Bundle option, you'll an extra battery pack that includes the LED, battery, and PCB board in one unit, being said, you can change the core part on your own. This video tells you how to do that.

The bundle (optional) is default coming with the 6500K cool white LED installed, and the extra LED part is the Nichia 219C LED. And it was packed in a small leather box to protect the part and the Aurora A2 light. 

The standard Aurora A2 (G4) packs like the previous Aurora A2 (G3), as well as the accessories. 


Material: stainless steel (body and button)
Dimensions: 2.26" (Length) x 0.61" (Diameter)
Weight: 34g/1.2oz
Accessories: User manual, Warranty card, USB A-C cable (ONLY BUNDLE), Extra LED part (ONLY BUNDLE, How-to Tutorial video), Magnetic clip, Magnetic tail base, Keyring.



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