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RovyVon 2021 Black Friday Sale

Great to announce the holiday season sale, we'll run the Black Friday sale from November 26 - November 28, details please check out the contents below,

I. Save 45% Off on

  1. Aurora A8 UV - $20.32 / $36.95
  2. Defense GL7 - $38.47 / $69.95
  3. Aurora A9 Copper - from $27.47 / $49.95

II. Save 35% Off on bundle

a) Aurora keychain light bundle packed in a RX10 organizer box, includes (default)

  1. Aurora A1x
  2. Aurora A2x
  3. Aurora A3x
  4. Aurora A4x (PVD Black only)
  5. Aurora A5x (TIR lens)
  6. Aurora A7x (TIR lens)
  7. Aurora A8x
  8. Aurora A9

b) Aurora A2x bundle includes all 6 colors

c) U4, U8 carabiners and C10 tactical pen bundle

III. Save 25% off on all other products that not listed above

IV. Net order(s) over certain value, Get a free gift

  1. over $199, get a Free Blue Aurora A1x
  2. over $299, get a Free Aurora A3 Pro, black
  3. over $399, get a Free Aurora A25
  4. over $499, get a Free Aurora A11, w/o tritium vials

Enjoy the shopping.
Best regards,
RovyVon team