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2022 Chinese New Year Sale

Inspired by the theme color of the RovyVon LOGO - the Orange, we'll release the new color of the following models in the Year of the Tiger 2022.
  1. Aurora A1x
  2. Search S3
  3. Angel Eyes E3

and to celebrate the New Year and the support from you throughout the past 5 years since the establishment, we will run the New Year sale as below,

1> 40% off
  1. Aurora A1x, Orange
  2. Search S3, Orange
  3. Aurora A25
  4. Aurora A2x

2> 15% off all other products. (as always, the new products are excluded from the sale - the new E3 and S3 Pro)

The sale will start from January 31, and end on February 6.
Due to the holiday, orders placed during January 27 to February 6 will be shipped out by order from the day we back to work on February 8. 

Cheers and Happy New Year.

Best regards,
RovyVon Team