Aurora A4 USB-C Titanium Keychain Flashlight (3rd generation)

LED: Luminus SST-20 6500K
Tritium Quantity: Zero
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In 2022, the long-awaited titanium aurora A4 finally comes out with a USB C charging port. It supports both USB C to USB C and USB C to micro USB charging, no more an extra USB cord now.

Additionally, a magnetic pocket clip and tail base buckle will be included with the flashlight. So you can attach it to a metal surface in both ways, making your hands free for two hands needed work.

Another new feature added, is the lockout mode. To avoid turning on by accident in your bag/pocket, a lockout mode is applied. Before your first use, please unlock the flashlight.

If you'd like to install the tritium vials by yourself, please get the right dimensions - length 6.0mm and diameter 1.5mm.

Material: TC4 Titanium Alloy
Emitters: Luminus SST-20 6500K Cool White, or 5000K Neutral White High CRI
Optic: TIR Lens
Size: 60.5mm/2.38” Diameter: 15.6mm/0.61” Weight: 24g/0.85oz
Accessories: Magnetic Pocket Clip *1, Magnetic Tail buckle *1, SS Key Ring *1, User Manual *1, Warranty Card*1


1. Lockout/Unlock: When the light is off, rapid click the button 5 times; the primary light will blink 2 times (low mode brightness) when it's locked and blinks 3 times when it's unlocked.
*Plugin to charge will unlock the light automatically.
2. Momentary on: when it's unlocked and off, press and hold the button for quick access to the High mode, and release it to turn off.
3. Turn on the memorized mode constantly: rapid double-click, then click to change modes moonlight-low-med-high, press the button for 0.5s to turn off. 
4. Strobe: rapid triple click, then click to turn it on.

*A mode will be memorized when it's working for over 3 minutes before turning off.


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