Aurora A7 USB-C GITD Sky Blue Keychain Flashlight (3rd Generation)

Front LED: SST-20 6500K
Sidelight: White/UV
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After our fans repeated calls and long-awaited, in 2022, RovyVon finally brings the USB C charging port to the aurora series. Powered by a 330 mAh Li-Po battery, the upgraded A7 can be fully charged in one hour through the USB C charging port, it also supports USB C to USB C charging.  

Another new feature is that the 3rd generation A7 comes with a magnetic pocket clip and tail base. So you can attach it to the Iron surface as a pending light while you are busy with other works. Oh, yes, it still keeps the GITD feature---glowing (sky blue) in the dark, making it visible in dark places.

Below are more details you might wanna know:

Main Emitter: Luminus SST-20 6500K Cool White, or Nichia 219C 5000K 90 CRI
Material: GITD polycarbonate (Blue)
Sidelights: White and UV
Size: 60.5mm/2.38”Long, Diameter: 15.6mm/0.61”, Weight: 17g / 0.6oz
Accessories: 1*User Manual, 1*SS Key Ring, 1*Magnetic Pocket Clip, 1*Magnetic tail base buckle, 1* Warranty Card


  1. Lock: when the light is off, long-press the button for 5 seconds, and the LED will flash twice.
  2.  Unlock: when the light is locked, long press the button for 3 seconds, and the LED will flash 3 times.

Front light
     3. Turn on: when the light is under unlock status, rapid double click the button to turn on the light from the memorized mode.
     4. Change mode: when the light is turned on, click the button to cycle through moonlight-low-medium-high
     5. Turn off: press for 0.5s.


     6. A5R (White/Red): rapid triple-click, and click to cycle through white low-white high-red-red flash, press 0.5s to turn off
     7. A5U (White/UV): rapid triple-click to turn on the white LEDs, then click to cycle through low-high; rapid quad clicks to activate the UV light; press 0.5s to turn off.
*The UV of the Aurora A5/A7 is mainly for charging the GITD body, can't read banknotes.


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