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Q1: When did you start the business?
A1: We started the business in late 2017 and launched our first product in early 2018.

Q2: Where are you located in?
A2: We are located in Shenzhen, China.

Q3: Where and what kind of shipping do you ship orders?
A3: We ship from our warehouse in Shenzhen, and normally ship orders with SF Express e-Parcel. Details please check out our Shipping Policy here.

Q4: How long does it usually take to receive my order?
A4: It depends, usually SF Express e-Parcel takes 2-5 weeks to be delivered, DHL is 4-7 days.

Q5: How can I get free shipping?
A5: Different regions, different shipping postage, so it depends on the shipping address your order wanted to ship to. 

Q6: What kind of battery do Aurora lights use and how long it lasts?
A6: The Aurora lights use lithium polymer rechargeable battery, typical capacity is 130 mAh and the size is 501030. It can last up to 150 minutes on Low mode (15-20 lumens).

Q7: What's the difference between Aurora A25 and Aurora A28?
A7:  The biggest difference is about the light body - the Aurora A25's body can glow in the dark and the GITD case will also blocks the UV wavelength therefore the UV performance on the Aurora A25 is weakened and limited to charge the case only; oppositely the Aurora A28's case is transparent so that the UV LED performance is full and able to check banknotes etc. Another difference is that the Aurora A28 has one more option for Sidelight - UV+Red. 

Q8: How long is your warranty service?
A8: We offer 2 years international warranty.

Q9: How do I get warranty covered if my item(s) have any defects?
A9: We are confident in our products but nothing is perfect in the world. Therefore, if you got any defective with your items bought from us or one of our dealers, just take a photo or short video and send an email to us at with a short description about the issue/defective you had with the product. Once confirmed, we will send you a replaced part/new product to get you covered under warranty.

Q10: How to be a dealer of RovyVon in our local market?
A10: We are honored to work with you in your local market to provide people with great products locally and we always pursue a mutually beneficial partnership. To be a dealer of RovyVon, just fill out the Dealer Form and send it to, one of our staffs will get back to you ASAP after saw your email.