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RovyVon's NEW Products & August Sale

August Sale

1. 12% Off All Products (NEW Products included)
2. 20% Off the NEW Products Bundle 
3. Time: August 1 - August 5.

New Products

EDC Flashlight - Search Series S3 and S3 Ti

The S3 was made of aluminum and S3 Ti was made of Titanium, they have a max output of 1800 lumens, uses an optical lens from LEDiL®️ in Finland. And it's powered by a 650mAh 16340 Li-ion rechargeable battery, compatible with CR123 battery as well, the max runtime is 22 hours. It can be charged via the onboard USB-C port and fully charged in 90 minutes. A deep carry pocket clip comes with the light, the S3 Ti has the ability to have two-way pocket clip for more possibility. 

Search S3

Search S3 Ti

WML Pistol Light - Defense Series GL3 & GL3 Pro
The Defense series is the new and first line RovyVon put efforts into pistol lights, eventually, after 3 years it came out. The max output is 600 lumens and will step down to 260 lumens in 30 seconds and last an hour after that until it's 10 lumens using the manufacturer 16340 battery. The GL3 Pro has a visible green laser that has a power of less than 5mW, and on the laser module part, there's a quick-switch dedicated button so that you can switch between Light, Strobe, Laser, and Laser&Light fast and smoothly, no need to turn it off and operate it again. The dual switch on the light tail operates the light and has the same function. They both comes with a Picatinny rail adapter and a GL rail adapter. 

GL3 Pro