Angel Eyes E1 Hybrid Keychain Flashlight

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LED: 6500K Cool white
Color: Blue
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The Angel Eyes E1 is powered by the RovyVon hybrid battery system, the built-in Lipo battery is for daily use and high performance and the replaceable AAA battery is for long runtime like camping, hiking, etc., or where there's no access to charge the Lipo battery. The E1 body is made of polyamide that is lightweight and durable, it weighs 39g. 

The E1 has some changes compared to the first Angel Eyes model - E3, other than the material. It has a dual button, one has the same function as the E3 and another button is dedicated for quick access to Strobe and Momentary on. And the charging indicator method is different as well, breathing blue is in charge and the charge complete is solid green. 


1. Lock: Rapid triple-click (Button 1) from off, then the Blue indicator will flash for 3 seconds.
2. Unlock: Rapid triple-click (Button 1) from Lock mode, then the Green indicator will flash for 2 seconds.
3. Turn on the moonlight mode: Single click (Button 1), click again to turn off.
4. Turn on the memorized mode: Rapid double-click (Button 1) no matter whether it's on or off, then click (Button 1) to cycle through low-med-high
5. Momentary-on: Press and hold (Button 2), release to turn off
6. Emergency strobe mode: Rapid double-click (Button 2) no matter if it's on or off, then click any button to turn it off.
7. Turn off the light: When the light is turned on, long press any button for 0.5 seconds.
8. Mannually switch battery power supply: at Moonlight mode, rapid triple-click (Button 1)

6500K Cool white Specs

4000K warm white Specs

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