Angel Eyes E300S (2nd Generation) USB-C Angle Flashlight

LEDs: High Output
Color: Black
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Back in 2018, RovyVon released the first angle light also the first model of the Angel Eyes series - the E300S. 4 years later, the 2nd generation of the E300S is now available to pre-order.

The 2nd gen upgrades to 4 LEDs and the max output increased 20% to 2400 lumens, besides the LED part, yes, it's USB-C. We also optimized the dual-button UI to make it better and user-friendly with Lockout mode, quick access to max brightness and strobe and single click for on, etc. With the added battery indicators, you'll know better about the remaining battery and approximate use time. Also, like the first-gen E300S, it can be a bike light with the RE10 Kydex bike mount. 


Material: 6063 aluminum alloy
Size: L101mm x W36.7mm x H17.3mm
Weight: 109g/3.84oz

Operation/User interface

A. Top button

1. Momentary on: press and hold for Turbo mode, release to turn off

2. Strobe: rapid double-click, then click to cycle through strobe-SOS, press 0.5s to turn off, no memory.

3. Lock/Unlock: From off, rapid triple-click to lock the light, then the red Low battery indicator (the 3rd one) will flash for 2 seconds. Another rapid triple-click to unlock the light, then the 3rd indicator (blue) will flash 2 seconds.

4. Battery check: click. 

B. Side button

1. Ramping: from off, hold the button to go for the memorized brightness, if hold the button all the time, it will ramp the brightness from low to turbo, release to select the wanted brightness, then click to turn off (memorize the brightness last-used).

2. Turn on (no mode memory): From off, click to turn on from low mode, click again to cycle through low-medium-high-turbo, press 0.5s to turn off.

3. Turn on (mode memory): rapid double-click to turn on the memorized mode, then click to cycle through low-medium-high-turbo, press 0.5s to turn off.

*It will step down to 600 lumens when it's working in Turbo mode.
**The side button is inactive when the Top button is in use.

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