Aurora A20 (G2) Timascus Limited EDC LED Flashlight

LED: High Output
Tritium color: 4 - Green
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RovyVon A20 (G2) Timascus Limited EDC Flashlight - the ultimate addition to your everyday carry collection. Crafted from the finest Timascus material, the entire body of this flashlight is a work of art. Each flashlight has a unique and exclusive limited serial number, making it a truly unique piece.

Equipped with titanium clips, this flashlight offers both functionality and style. The magnetic clip is designed for a hands-free work environment if needed, while the non-magnetic clip provides a secure hold in your pocket or bag. In addition, this flashlight comes with 4 tritium glow bars (2 are around the button, and 2 at the tail) that provide a unique and eye-catching glow.

Featuring a dual-button design, the RovyVon A20 (G2) Timascus Limited EDC Flashlight is intuitive and easy to use. The 850mAh replaceable battery (RovyVon proprietary, an extra battery pack included) provides long-lasting power, while the USB-C charging feature ensures convenient and hassle-free charging.

In the box, you'll get,

A20 (G2) Limited EDC Flashlight x1
RX10 Organizer box (The packaging) x1
Extra battery pack x1
Titanium clip x2 (one with magnet and one is non-magnet)
Clip screw x1
USB C cover x2
O-ring x5
User manual x1
Warranty card x1

Add the RovyVon A20 (G2) Timascus Limited EDC Flashlight to your EDC collection.

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