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RovyVon Aurora A3 Pro Keychain Flashlight

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The 4th generation Aurora A3Pro improved on the following specs,

  • USB-C Charging, fast and convenient charge
  • More stable charging port cover
  • Optimized beam with 7000K LED
  • Metal switch, better operating experience
  • Tritium vial slots at the tail loop

Like the former generation, it's also made of 7075 aluminum alloy with hard anodization, which makes the A3 Pro (G4) lightweight, durable, scratch-resistant, and practical. 

Bring your EDC game up a notch with the Aurora A3 Pro G4. This ultra-durable, rechargeable keychain flashlight is designed with a new MAO marble gray finish and IPX6 water resistance. Enjoy a powerful beam from the high-performance LED with the optic reflector up to 650 lumens and 110m beam distance, and the convenience of USB-C charging. Upgrade your everyday carry today!

How to use

1. Lock: Rapid 5-clicks to lock the light with the light switched off, the LED will blink twice.
2. Unlock: Rapid 5-clicks to unlock with the light locked, the LED will blink 3 times.

*The operation below is under the Unlock status.
3. Momentary on: With the light switched off, press and hold the button for High mode, and release to turn off.
4. Constant-on: Rapid double-click to turn on from the memorized mode **
a) Change modes: Click to cycle through Moon-Low-Med-High
b) Turn off: Press for 0.5s or Click (A mode works over 3 minutes)
**Mode memory: Working over 3 minutes then turn off.
5. Strobe: Rapid triple-click, then click to turn off.