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RovyVon Aurora A5 (G4) (Ship from the US)

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RovyVon brought the GITD to the mini keychain flashlight field back in early 2018 - the 1st generation Aurora A5. And 4 years passed by and the A5 comes to the 3rd generation - the USB-C generation. 

The 3rd generation A5 runs a 330mAh Lipo rechargeable battery via the USB-C port and it can fully charge the battery in 1 hour. And the Aurora A5 (G3) pocket clip integrates a magnet that makes the keychain light to be a hands-free work light, furthermore, the tail part was redesigned as well to be able to buckle up a magnetic tail base, to be more flexible in the workspace. Meanwhile, the 3rd generation has a lockout mode to prevent accidental activation. 

Basic info
Material: GITD Polycarbonate Dimensions: 2.38” x 0.61”
Weight: 0.6oz Working voltage: 2.8V-4.2V
LED (front): High output: SST-20 6500K Max output: High output: 650 lumens
High CRI: 219C 90 CRI High CRI: 420 lumens
Peak Beam Distance: 110m Water resistant: IPX6
Side Aux lights: A5U: White/UV/White Sidelights Specs: UV wavelength: 365nm
A5R: White/Red/White Red wavelength: 425nm
White: 4000K warm white
Accessories: 1*User Manual, 1*SS Key Ring, 1*Magnetic Pocket Clip, 1*Magnetic tail base buckle, 1* Warranty Card
Brightness Specs
Mode Moon Low Med High
Output (High output) 0.5lms 25lms 200lms            80lms 650lms          80lms
Output (High CRI) 0.5lms 20lms 150lms          80lms 420lms          80lms
Runtime 72hrs 8hrs 1min + 2hrs 1min + 1.5hrs

How to use

1. Lock: when the light is off, rapid five clicks, and the LED will blink twice (low mode brightness).
2. Unlock: when the light is locked, a rapid five-click and the LED will blink 3 times.

*Plugin to charge will unlock the light automatically.

Front light
3. Momentary on: press and hold, and release to turn off.
4. Turn on: when the light is under unlock status, rapidly double-click the button to turn on the light from the memorized mode.
5. Change mode: when the light is turned on, click the button to cycle through moonlight-low-medium-high
6. Turn off: press for 0.5s.
7. A5R (White/Red): rapid triple-click, and click to cycle through white low-white high-red-red flash, press 0.5s to turn off
8. A5U (White/UV): rapid triple-click to turn on the white LEDs, then click to cycle through low-high; rapid quad-click to activate the UV light; press 0.5s to turn off.
*The UV of the Aurora A5 is mainly for charging the GITD body, can't read banknotes.