Aurora A6 USB-C Versatile Keychain Flashlight

Side LEDs: 365nm UV + Red + Warm white
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At the time of releasing the 3rd generation Aurora keychain flashlights, the Aurora A6 came out, so it completed the Aurora line from A1 to A11. The A6 uses a 7075 aluminum bezel (light head) so that it has better performance on scratch resistance, and the optic is a light orange peel reflector. Another difference point is about the button and USB-C cover - they are glow-in-the-dark, inspired by the Aurora A5. Its body is clear and transparent for the full performance of UV light on the side. Speaking of sidelights, the Aurora A6 has two options,

  • 365nm UV + Red + warm white
  • Warm white x2 + 365nm UV

These make it a very useful small keychain flashlight for your everyday use. And it's IPX6 water resistant. 

Specs of the front light & Operation Chart

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