Angel Eyes E3, Lipo & AAA Battery Hybrid Keychain Flashlight

LED: Cool white x2
Color: Orange
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The 2nd gen. of RovyVon's Hybrid flashlight (the 1st gen. is the H3 & H3 Pro) comes in the new year of 2022 - the Angel Eyes E3 series. It's powered by a built-in Lipo battery (charged via USB-C port), and a replaceable AAA battery. Opening (unlock) the light head to replace the AAA battery and lock it to use the external battery automatically.

Size: 66.1mm (L)*27.5mm (W)*13.5mm (H); Weight: 32g
Material: 6063 aluminum (E3), 7075 aluminum (E3Pro)
Colors available: E3 - Black, Gunmetal, Green, Orange, and Aqua Blue; E3 Pro: Desert Tan
Water resistance: IPX7
For more details, please check the User manual and the Specifications.

Option 1 - 6500K Cool white x2 LEDs & Option 2 - 4000K warm white,95 CRI x2 LEDs

Option 3 - 6500K cool white + 4000K warm white, 95 CRI

    Option 4 - 6500K cool white + Red

    From off

    1. Click >> Moonlight, click again >> change light source between cool white and warm white, press 0.3s >> turn off & memorize the last used light source.
    2. Long press 0.3s >> turn on the Cool White LED from the memorized mode, click >> cycle through low-med-high, press 0.3s >> turn off & memorized the last-used mode
    3. Rapid double click >> turn on the red from low mode, click >> cycle through low-high, press 0.3s >> turn off
    4. When the red was turned on, rapid double >> switch to the Cool white med moe, click >> cycle through low-med-high, press 0.3s >> turn off
    5. Quad click >> Lock or Unlock

    From on/off

    1. Rapid triple click >> turn on the red flash mode, click >> cycle through slow flash - fast flash, press 0.3s >> turn off and memorize the last used mode.

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