Angel Eyes E700S, 2800 lumens Multipurpose Powerful Compact LED Work Flashlight

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  1. Max output of 2800 lumens from the four front lights and 800 lumens output from the three sidelights.
  2. 21700 Li-ion 5000mAh battery, rechargeable and replaceable.
  3. USB-C input/output, quick charge.
  4. B to C and C to C charging cables included.
  5. Magnetic tail base for hands-free use.
  6. Adjustable two-way pocket clip for easy carry.
  7. Metal e-switch for one-hand operation.
  8. IPX8 water resistance for protection against water immersion up to 2 meters.
After the launch of our very successful E700U, we collected feedback from the experts--our users.  The result was the development of the latest member of the Angel Eyes family the E700S. 
The main change done to the E700U are the emitters.  The E700S uses three side-mounted cool white LEDs with a combined maximum output of 800 lumens.  The intuitive interface lets you cycle between three brightness levels: Low (one LED on), Medium (two LEDs on), and High (all three on). 
On the front, the E700S sports four high performance LEDs with a maximum output of 2800 lumens. Also a shortcut triple-click activates the Strobe mode. 
The strong magnetic base is very handy when you need to keep your hands free and gives you a lot of options for deployment. 
The E700S was developed to be a serious tool with an infinite number of applications. Its unique, intuitive design lets you customize your light output needs with the press of a button, providing the perfect illumination for any activity, from outdoor camping to industrial projects.

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