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RovyVon GL3 Pro 2-IN-1 Rail-mounted Light

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Here is the GL3 Pro WML tactical light that is 700 lumens max, 110m beam distance max. and comes with a green laser pointer (≤5mW). It has 4 modes - High, Strobe, Laser, Laser & High, it's able to quickly switch between them, and yes, momentary High is available. It's operated by 3 switches - 2 switches on the tail for activating the light, and 1 switch on the laser part for a quick switch between the modes when it's turned on. It weighs 110g/3.88oz.

  • Max 700 lumens
  • Smooth reflector, max throw of 110m
  • Available modes - Light, Strobe, Laser, and Laser&Light combo
  • Quick-action dual switch at the tail and quick-switch on the Laser module.
  • Quick mount and release
  • Comes with a 650mAh 16340 li-ion battery
  • Compatible with CR123 battery
  • Recharged via the onboard USB-C port (Only for Li-ion battery)
  • IPX7 waterproof


1. Off, wherever the Quick-switch is >> Press and hold either dual switch>> Momentary-on, release to turn off
2. Off, Quick-switch locates in the left  >> Click either dual switch >> Green laser on >> Click >> Laser&Light on >> Click or press 0.3s >> turn off
3. Off, Quick-switch locates in the center >> Click either dual switch >> Strobe on >> Click or press 0.3s >> Turn off
4. Off, Quick-switch locates in the right >> Click either dual switch >> Light on >> Click or press 0.3s >> Turn off
5. Momentary-on >> Toss the Quick-switch to a different location >> the related mode Constant-on (For example, Assuming the quick-switch locates in the center when activating the Momentary-on from off, don't release the Dual switch and toss the Quick-switch to left, the green laser will be activated constantly)
6. Constant-on >> Toss the quick-switch >> Switch to the related mode fast and smoothly

Size: 74.3mm/2.93" (Length) * 50.3mm/1.98" (Height) * 26mm/1.02"(Light head diameter)
Weight: 110g/3.88oz
Accessory: USB-C cable, GL rail adapter, Picatinny rail adapter, Screwdriver, 650mAh 16340 battery (Pre-installed), O-ring for the light head, User manual, and warranty card.