Valor V10 Titanium Multi-purpose Utility Tool


The RovyVon Valor V10 is made of titanium even the screws. It is a multi-purpose utility knife, you can use it to open your beer or your mailboxes. If you don't have a hexagon wrench on your hands when needed, V10 can handle the job of the wrench, it's the same when it comes to screwdrivers. The integrated carabiner makes carry easy. 


1. Knives can only be shipped with DHL, and the cost is expensive than ordinary goods, the price includes the DHL shipping cost ($18).

2. Please screw the button tight to lock it either you are using it at work or not using it to make it safe. 


  1. Made of titanium alloy
  2. Lightweight and durable, easy carry
  3. Uses a replaceable and easy-to-get blade
  4. Press and slide lock, 2 locking points
  5. Multiple functions
  6. Keychain carabiner
  7. Box opener
  8. Bottle opener
  9. Hexagon wrench
  10. Straight screwdriver
  11. 2 glow bar slots


Material: titanium alloy

Overall length: 105mm/4.13"

Blade: SATA 93434A

Glow bar (optional) colors: Blue + Green

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