Valor V10 Titanium Multi-purpose Utility Tool

Color: Sandblasted & Stonewashed Ti
Vials: No
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The RovyVon Valor V10 is made of titanium even the screws. It is a multi-purpose utility knife, you can use it to open your beer or your mailboxes. If you don't have a hexagon wrench on your hands when needed, V10 can handle the job of the wrench, it's the same when it comes to screwdrivers. The integrated carabiner makes carry easy. 

NOTE: The price includes a DHL Express fee of $30. 


  1. Made of titanium alloy
  2. Lightweight and durable, easy carry
  3. Uses a replaceable and easy-to-get blade
  4. Press and slide lock, 2 locking points
  5. Multiple functions
  6. Keychain carabiner
  7. Box opener
  8. Bottle opener
  9. Hexagon wrench
  10. Straight screwdriver
  11. 2 glow bar slots


Material: titanium alloy

Overall length: 105mm/4.13"

Blade: SATA 93434A

Glow bar (optional) colors: Blue + Green

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