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RovyVon's NEW Products Release & Summer Sale

We worked hard on the new products and upgrades of Auroras through the Winter to Spring, and in this Summer, here they are. 

A. The 3rd generation of the Aurora keychain flashlights mainly optimized about the light beam, charging method, operating experience, and the UI. 

1- Light beam, we changed the cool white LED to the Luminus SST-20, since we found that it has a better beam using our TIR lens, more focus and smooth.

2- Charging method, our customers waited the USB-C Aurora lights for a long time, here it's finally here in 2022, we are sorry but eventually we worked it out. Along with the USB-C port, we redesigned the protective cover, it will stay in its place and won't fall out. 

3- Operation experience, the button is the same construction from the outer, but inside we increased the touch area so that the clicking feedback is better. 

4- UI, it's almost the same as the 2nd generation Auroras, except for a lockout mode was added - press 5 seconds to lock and press 3 seconds to unlock. Oppositely, the momentary-on was cancelled as it conflicts with the lock operation. 

In this June, the following models are available on our website,

  1. Aurora A1 - $26.95
  2. Aurora A2 - $39.95 (released on June 8)
  3. Aurora A4 Pro - $62.95
  4. Aurora A5 - $36.95
  5. Aurora A8 - $46.95

B. NEW Hybrid keychain flashlights 

  1. Angel Eyes E1, polyamide body and gunmetal aluminum light head, with dual metal button
  2. Angel Eyes E5, Green GITD body and orange aluminum light head, with dual metal button, White/UV or White/Red side LEDs.

C. New member of the Aurora EDC flashlight - Aurora A21, polyamide body with stainless steel / 7075 aluminum light head. 

The above NEW products (A2 excluded) will have 10% off discount from June 18-20, the A21 is 30% off. 

Summer sale, June 18-20.

1. 50% Off 

  1. Aurora A2x (2nd generation), sandblasted color.
  2. Aurora A9 Copper (without tritium vials)

2. 30% Off

  1. Aurora A21
  2. Aurora A25
  3. Aurora A28
  4. Aurora A3x
  5. Aurora A4x, A4 Pro (2nd Generation)
  6. Aurora A5x
  7. Aurora A7x
  8. Aurora A8x
  9. Aurora A8 Pro
  10. Aurora A9 Pro