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RovyVon Aurora A2 USB-C Keychain Flashlight

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The RovyVon Aurora series keychain lights come to the third generation in 2022 (the first generation in 2018 and the second in 2020). The stainless steel Aurora A2 is the first model to be available among Gen 3 Auroras keychain flashlights.

We did optimizations on the user experience, charging method, practicability, etc. First of all, the charging port was upgraded to USB type C, so it could be easier and more convenient to charge your Aurora light with a USB-C cable (A-C or C-C), fast and universal.

For operation, the touch area of the button was increased by 50% compared to the G2 Auroras, which is more friendly to operate the light. Furthermore, a lockout mode was added to prevent accidental turn-on in your pocket that may drain the battery.

A keychain flashlight is not limited to being a companion of your keys in your pocket, but it can also be a good assistant to your work when needed, thanks to the new detachable two-way magnetic pocket clip and the magnetic base dock, it could be a great lighting tool for hands-free as its small size, high brightness, and flexibility.


  • Made of stainless steel, available in 3 colors: Silver, PVD Blue, and PVD matte black
  • Two options for the LED: SST-20 cool white LED for high output or Nichia 219C for high CRI
  • USB C fast charges the 300mAh Lipo battery in 1 hour
  • Larger button for better user experience
  • Magnetic two-way pocket clip
  • Magnetic tail base dock
  • IPX6 water-resistant


Size: 2.26" (Length) x 0.61" (Diameter)
Weight: 34g/1.2oz

Lighting modes: Moonlight (0.5lm/50 hours), Low (25lm/6 hours), Medium (200lm*/1.5 hours), High (650lm*/1 hour) - the data is for SST-20 LED.
Note: The medium and high modes will step down to 80 lumens / 100 lumens in 60 seconds.
Emergency mode: Strobe


1. Lockout/Unlock: When the light is off, rapid click the button 5 times; the primary light will blink 2 times (low mode brightness) when it's locked and blinks 3 times when it's unlocked.
*Plugin to charge will unlock the light automatically.ked.
2. Momentary on: when it's unlocked and off, press and hold the button for quick access to the High mode, and release it to turn off.
3. Turn on the memorized mode constantly: rapid double-click, then click to change modes moonlight-low-med-high, press the button for 0.5s to turn off. 
4. Strobe: rapid triple click, then click to turn it on.

*A mode will be memorized when it's working for over 3 minutes before turning off.