Aurora A11 Titanium Colorful Keychain LED Flashlight

Color: Dawn in the Dark
Vials: No
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The year  2020 was gone and it’s a special and tough year for almost all around the world due to the pandemic of COVID-19. In the new year of 2021, we sincerely hope the situation will get better and people go back to a normal life with freedom and healthy. For hope, we designed a special line based on the Titanium Aurora A4x to show wishes to the world in our way. We named it the Aurora A11 – Dawn in the dark, Rainbow after the rain, and Blue Sky. Limited 100 pcs of each color.

After a night there’s a dawn, after the rain there’s a rainbow, finally, we’ll see the blue sky and enjoy life. Keep going and keep going!  

For the product itself, the color was made by a special workshop to be unique and bright. The specs are almost the same as the Aurora A4x – CREE or Nichia LED for option, and 260mAh rechargeable battery, max output of 650 lumens or at least 90+ CRI with Nichia LED.

Tail closeupMini sizeDawn in the darkRainbow after the rainBlue sky

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