Aurora A23 (G2) USB-C Compact EDC Flashlight

Color: Aqua Blue
LED: High Output
Tritium vials: Zero
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The 1st gen Aurora Series compact EDC flashlight – the A23 was announced in 2019, 3 years flew away, and it’s time to upgrade it. The compact line started from the A23 and the upgrade keeps the origin.  

Extra battery pack bundle, check this page

Comes to the 2nd generation, the first thing we took into consideration was keeping the size the same or even smaller than the 1st gen but increasing the battery capacity for a longer usage time, to be honest, it’s a hard time during the designing period, but the good thing is we made it. The size is the same as the 1st gen Aurora A23 - 76mm (Length) x 21.5mm (Diameter), palm size, weighs 44.7g/1.58oz, but the capacity of the internal Li-po battery increased by 41.6% to 850mAh, it will extend the runtime of the turbo mode to 100 minutes (with stepdown).

With the battery upgraded, it’s no sense that we don’t update the charging port to USB-C, in the packaging, a USB A-C cable was included, and you can charge your new Aurora A23 more conveniently.

The next thing we thought about is the operating friendly, how to make it simpler and easier? Our solution is Dual Switches. One for daily use with the light constantly on, and one for quick access modes – Turbo and Strobe. Thanks to the dual-switch design, the lockout mode is available in a simple way – press and hold – don’t worry, it won’t conflict with the Momentary on (Instant turbo).

Being a compact EDC flashlight, easy-to-carry is an essential factor. People complained about the screw-fixed pocket clip of the 1st gen Aurora A23, you were heard, on the 2nd gen, we redesigned the clip to make it detachable, and yes, reversible. One more thing, it’s magnetic for hands-free work if needed.

At the tail part, there’s a lanyard loop, you can weave a paracord the way you like to pull it out of the pocket or just attach it to your keys through the loop. Plus, around the corner of the loop, there’re two standard tritium vial slots to fit 6.0mm*1.5mm tritium glow bars, and the view angle is wider than the 1st gen.

The durability is also a key point for an EDC Flashlight, the A23 was made of 6063 aluminum that is lightweight and relatively durable. In its compact size, it can withstand a 1.5m impact drop. If you drop it into the water or use it on a rainy day, don't worry, it's IPX8 water resistant that could survive underwater for 2m for half hour. 

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