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RovyVon Angel Eyes E4 Titanium Dual Button Hybrid Keychain Flashlight

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Unlike most keychain flashlights on the market now, the RovyVon Angel Eyes Hybrid series features a dual-battery design that makes it easier to ensure your small keychain light is ready to go when you are traveling or hiking. The USB-C port charges the built-in Lipo battery that supplies high power capability when needed and it can also be powered by a single AAA battery. The Lipo battery power supply is for daily use when you are able to charge it at the end of the day, while the easy-to-get AAA battery is for using at outdoor where you are not able to charge the Lipo battery but also need a long runtime of the light. That's the RovyVon Hybrid lights were born for.

The E4 was the second model launched to the market, it's crafted from TC4 titanium alloy, based on the first E3 design, the E4 comes with a dual button design - one has the same function as the E3, and another one is dedicated for Momentary-on and Strobe.

Like the tradition of RovyVon titanium products, for sure, the E4 also has a tritium glow bar slots design. The quantity is 4 and it locates at the light head which means it has different possibilities of tritium vials combo, if you choose to buy it coming with tritium vials from the website, we provide 4 Green vials or 4 Blue vials.

Size: 66.1mm/2.6” (L)*27.5mm/1.08” (W)*13.5mm/0.53” (H)
Weight: 58g; Built-in battery: Li-po, 330mAh
Dual LEDs: SST-20 6500K cool white x2; or SST-20 4000K warm white 95 CRI x2
Tritium vial fitted size: 1.5mm x 6.0mm
Accessories: User manual, key ring (1 of each L & S size), Pocket clip, warranty card


1. Lock: Rapid triple-click (Button 1) from off, then the Blue indicator will flash for 3 seconds.
2. Unlock: Rapid triple-click (Button 1) from Lock mode, then the Green indicator will flash for 2 seconds.
3. Turn on the moonlight mode: Single click (Button 1), click again to turn off.
4. Turn on the memorized mode: Rapid double-click (Button 1) no matter whether it's on or off, then click (Button 1) to cycle through low-med-high
5. Momentary-on: Press and hold (Button 2), release to turn off
6. Emergency strobe mode: Rapid double-click (Button 2) no matter if it's on or off, then click any button to turn it off.
7. Turn off the light: When the light is turned on, long press any button for 0.5 seconds.
8. Mannually switch battery power supply: at Moonlight mode, rapid triple-click (Button 1)