Valor V20 Titanium Utility Pocket Knife

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When it comes to what people carry every day, a utility pocket knife might be the first EDC gear popping up in your mind. People use their EDC knife everywhere and any time, from opening a package in your daily life to self-defense in an emergency. As a part of RovyVon's ever-expanding product line, Valor V20 is designed with EDC in mind and equipped with multi-functions to meet your bases.

The Valor V20 is made of titanium alloy and it has a unique designed blade that is made of stainless steel and replaceable*. It's highly recommended that lock the blade with screw the button up clockwise during using to avoid any unexpected dangers. Other than a knife for cutting, prying, and scraping, it can be also used as a bottle opener if needed. For people who like tritium vials, there's a design of 2 glow bar slots for DIY or coming with glow bars originally. 


1. For orders from the United States (US) and Canada (CA), we will ship it from the US facility.

2. For orders from the regions other than the US & CA, it can only be shipped via DHL, so the price includes an $18 of DHL Express. 

3. The blade is proprietary, so it can only be replaced with an original manufacturer blade, select the Extra Blade option to add one unit spare blade in the package. 


1. Made of titanium alloy 
2. Replaceable blade (Proprietary)
3. Press and Push mechanism
4. Screw lock ensures safety
5. Ergonomic design for more comfortable operation
6. Bottle opener
7. Paracord/Lanyard tail hole


Length: 71.3mm / 2.80"
Width: 26.3mm / 1.03"
Height: 6.1mm / 0.24"
Weight: 27.5g / 0.97oz

What's in the box: 1 x V20 knife

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