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Celebrating RovyVon's 5th Anniversary

Time flies, it's our 5th cake-day from the day RovyVon established from scratch. We always remember that it's not only because our efforts, but also your huge and great support through these 5 years, to make this 5th anniversary happen. Really and sincerely appreciate that.

For this 5th anniversary, we will have some new products coming out, and, of course, a deal as below,

1. 15% Off on NEW products

1.1 Aurora A3 (G3), keychain flashlight

1.2 Search S23, compact search flashlight

1.3 Aurora A10 (G3), ZirMascus Limited Edition

2. 25% Off on other products other than the NEW products

3. Up to 45% off bundles

3.1 S2 Premium + Aurora A8 (G3), 35% Off
3.2 S2 Elite + Angel Eyes E8 (UV/Red/White), 35% off
3.3 S2i + Aurora A28-G2 (White/UV/White), 35% off
3.4 Angel Eyes E4 Pro + A10 (G3) + Angel Eyes E11 Pro, 30% Off
3.5 GL7 + Aurora A3x (Green), 45% Off
3.6 GL3 + Aurora A2x (Sandblasted), 40% off
3.7 Angel Eyes E300S (G2) + Angel Eyes E3 (Gunmetal), 40% off
3.8 the 3rd Gen Auroras (A1-A8), 40% Off

4. Buy NEW Products and Add-up, the Add-up Get extra discount based on the 25% off

4.1 Buy S23 and Add-up one of: Aurora A25, Aurora A28, Hybrid H3 Pro, GL3 Pro, S3 Pro, or A3 Pro - GET extra 33% Off
4.2 Buy A10 (G3) and Add-up one of:  S2i, Aurora A24, Aurora A4 (G3), or S3 Ti - GET extra 20% off

5. Orders over the amount Get free Gift

5.1 Over $199, Get free Utility U8
5.2 Over $299, Get free Angel Eyes E1
5.3 Over $399, Get free Aurora A8 (G3)
5.4 Over $599, Get free Commander C10

The deal time is November 9 to November 13, 5 days. 

RovyVon Team