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Merry Christmas and Save Up to 50%

It’s December, in another word, the end of the year comes. We, all people at RovyVon, may you have a great upcoming Christmas with family and/or friends.

We are always thankful and appreciating all the support you gave on RovyVon through the past 5 years.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year. Let’s celebrate,

A. Fixed discount saving

1. 1st Gen Aurora A28
2. 1st Gen Aurora A21
3. 2nd Gen Aurora A2x (Matte black)
4. 2nd Gen Aurora A3 Pro (Black)
5. 3rd Gen Aurora A6
6. RovyVon chef knife (ONLY available for US customers)

1. Utility U4 Titanium Carabiner Knife
2. Search S3 Pocket Flashlight
3. Search S2i Seachlight
4. 2nd Gen Angel Eyes E300S
5. 3rd Gen Aurora A5 (Rubber switch)

B. Dynamic discount by date on other items not listed above and in the NEW products.

1. 32% Off on December 15
2. 22% Off on December 16
3. 12% Off from December 17 to December 18

C. NEW Products (listed below) and Limited Editions, 10% Off

1. Aurora A1 (G4), metal switch
2. Aurora A3 (G4), metal switch
3. Aurora A3 Pro (G4), metal switch
5. Aurora A7 (G4), metal switch
6. Aurora A8 (G4), metal switch
7. Aurora A24 (G2), dual switch
8. Aurora A26, thrower

Note: as always, the regular promo discount codes are invalid until the sale ended.


RovyVon Team