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New Products Release & September Sale

The year of 2022 is tough and challenging but at the mean time it’s full of chances, we are working hard to overcome the challenges and seize the chances. Back to June, 2022, we started the first round of new products release, and in July, 2022, the second round came. By the end of September, some new products are coming.

Below are the new products that will be released on September 25, 2022, 

  • Aurora A23 2nd Generation
  • Aurora A28 2nd Generation
  • Aurora A2 Facelift (3rd Generation)
  • Aurora A6
  • Angel Eyes E4 Pro
  • Angel Eyes E11 (Limited 50 of each color)
  • Angel Eyes E11 Pro (Limited 50 of each color)
  • New variant of Angel Eyes E8 – UV/Red/White sidelight

Besides the new releases, a regular deal will run for September to thank you for the great support all the time,

  • 10% Off new products listed above
  • 10% off the bundle below
    1. Angel Eyes E8 + Aurora A8 3rd + Aurora A6 3rd, packed in a RX10 Black EDC Organizer box, all of 3 lights come with UV sidelights.
    2. Angel Eyes E7 + Aurora A7 3rd
    3. Angel Eyes E5 + Aurora A5 3rd

The bundles will be packed in a RX10 EDC Organizer box (Black), and the sidelights are all UV light.

The September sale will start on Sep. 25 and end on Sep. 30.

Cheers and thank you for your support.

RovyVon Team