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Welcome to RovyVon’s New Products and USB C Auroras Celebration!

Since 2022, RovyVon has been working so hard on new products, the moment taking the aurora series to USB C charging port to respond the voice of our fans. Eventually, the new Angel Eyes E7 GITD Blue comes out immediately after the Angel Eyes E1 and E5. The Aurora A4 and Aurora A7 with USB C charging port are also available on our website now.

To celebrate, we are having a sale on our website from 12th July to 13rd July.
You can find more details about the sale as below. Hope you guys enjoy it!

A: New Comings -- 10% OFF

  1. Aurora A7 USB C charging - $36.95
  2. Aurora A4 USB C Charging - $59.95
  3. Angel Eyes E7 Blue GITD - $46.95
  4. Angel Eyes E8 - $59.95
  5. Angel Eyes E300s USB C Angle Flashlight/Bike light - $79.95
  6. S2i Searchlight - $189.95
  7. Other new products released in June. 

B: Old Babies -- 50% OFF

  1. Aurora A2x Mattle Black
  2. Aurora A9 without vials
  3. GL7 Tactical
  4. Aurora A25 

C: The left ones -- 20% OFF

Enjoy and take care!

RovyVon Team