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RovyVon Angel Eyes E7 GITD Blue Keychain Flashlight

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UV light, side emitters, glowing in the dark (Blue), USB C recharging, battery replaceable, compact size, as per the above all elected adorable features from our fans, RovyVon made the new Angel Eyes E7 EDC Flashlight. For the main emitters, it also offers two options---6500K cool white for high lumens and 4000K warm white for high CRI. You can just get your preference.

Furthermore, RovyVon added one more button to the E7. Button 1 for primary LEDs and button 2 for side LEDs, which makes the user interface much simpler and more accessible, with no more confusion.

Here are more details for your reference:

Material: Fluorescence polycarbonate
Main LEDs: Luminus SST-20 6500K cool white LED, SST-20 4000K Warm White 95CRI LED
Auxiliary Emitters: Warm White/UV, or Warm White/Red
Battery: 330mAh Li-Po battery
Water Resistant: IPX6
Size: 66.1mm/2.6”(L)*27.5mm/1.08”(W)*13.5mm/0.53”(H) Weight: 41g
Accessories:  User Manual*1, Key Ring(Size L) *1. Keychain Ring(Size S) *1, Pocket Clip *1 and warranty Card*1

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