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Shipping Delay and Freight Increasing Announcement

We thank you all for all supports all the time, as you may know that here in our homeland China we are fighting against the virus and the shipping may also get some delays though we have a few people on duty in the office for handling orders packing and shipping. 

In addition, we hardly to announce that the shipping cost has to be changed a little, increasing as the carriers charge more these days. The changes are as below;

Australia: the rates remain same but increasing the order amount for free shipping to $69.95 for free  standard postage and $299 for free DHL Express ($23). 

Canada: We are very sorry that we will stop shipping Canadian orders from the US warehouse, we will ship directly from Shenzhen warehouse, rates remain same. 

Domestic: i) Mainland: Please try to search RovyVon on Taobao and make sure the seller is 中鼎户外and  buy the product(s) from them. ii) Hong Kong: Stop shipping orders due to the protests there, we will resume the shipping once the situation there is back to normal. iii) Macao: remains same. iiii) Taiwan: remains same.

Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Poland: Only provides DHL Express service, and the rates increase to $23 from the original $18 (free shipping with orders over $289). 

Russia: Only provides SF Express service no matter the order value, the rate increases to $6.95 (free shipping with orders over $49).

United Arab Emirates & India: Only provides DHL Express service, rate is $25.

United States: Postage rate is $7.95 with $1 increased and Free Postage is orders over $80; DHL Express rate is $20 with $2 increased and Free DHL Express is orders over $289.

The standard postage for other countries/regions is $5.95 and DHL Express rate is $20. 

Thank you all again for the support.


Regards and best wishes from RovyVom